About Me

About Me

How I get hooked

Hey there! I’m Richie. I enjoy taking photos, and filming. I’ve been enjoying ( rather than saying “working” or “doing’. I prefer the word “enjoying” because I like what I am interested to do.) taking photos and filming everywhere since I’m in high school. Before I am into this hobby, my cousin, Chau, inspired me with his splendid and stunning photographs he took during his travel locally and abroad. That was the moment I discovered a whole new world; the world of Photography.

My humble beginning

Here starts my little hobby journey! I was still a student back then. I persuaded my dad to buy me my first DSLR ( that is totally not a great idea though, but please forgive me as I was an innocent child back then, yea? ) Not surprisingly, I got my very first DSLR, which was the Canon 1100D with an extra wide-angle adapter at the front of the kit lens. So, taking photos, using manual mode and stuffs were really fresh to me, or in another way, it was totally strange to me! At first I thought taking photos with a camera was definitely easy. Just with a click of the button and it was done. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG about that! It was actually far more complex than that. Hence, I started to look for tutorials, visiting few times a week to the nearest bookstore near my place. Google about the problem I encountered, and reading books (sometimes it was dull and boring) and also I look for great inspirations on Youtube. This was the path, how I had started to learn the basics of photography.

Learn & Progress

Learning and improving was like levelling up a character in a video game. During my Senior Year One, I chose to join the “Editorial Club” over “Photography Society” in my school as my co-curricular activity. It was because the “Editorial Club” seemed to provide a better chance for my practise than the “Photography Society”, so that I could improve my photography skills better and faster. In addition, there was a platform for me to showcase my work too ( eg. Official school magazine, Editorial Club’s Facebook Fan’s page ).

Levelling up myself bit by bit, by collecting the experiences I had gained, and slowly I had been getting jobs from my teachers in school, to help them take photos of their weddings, orchestras, my friends’ ballet dance performances and the list went on. And slowly, I upgraded my gear, I changed my Canon 1100D into Canon 7D body and I got myself a used Canon 17-55mm F2.8 IS lens, which is the gear I’ve been using until now.

At last, I wanted to fully-utilize my gear, so I started to learn how to film using the DSLR, and I loved it so much! Frankly speaking, I considered myself as a movie enthusiast.  I enjoy watching the latest movie in the cinema, and the BIGGEST DREAM of mine is to become a MOVIE DIRECTOR in the future. Lately, I have mastered some skills of film making, and I have started to be invited to film performing trailers in school.

Here it is, my little photography & filming journey to share with you guys. And I am providing my photo taking and filming services too. So feel free to ask me about it. Or maybe we share the same interest and you wish to share something with me. Feel free to send me a message, I will reply you asap! I’m a nice guy btw, Cheers! here are my

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